Water Based Training / Practice Units

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Our 1.5-ounce inert training / practice unit contains the same contents as in our live units, except there is no “OC” (pepper) in them. Please note that you might get a “red” face when exposed to inert training units—this is because the inert formula contains solvent, it is NOT A WATER ONLY UNIT. It will not burn like a live unit, but because of the solvent it will leave a tingling feeling. This is so the spray pattern is faithfully reproduced like a live unit.

We think that nobody should use pepper spray for the first time in an adversarial situation, and we highly recommend that you practice with one of these water based cans before you're in a higher stress situation when you need the real Fox Labs pepper spray to protect you.

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Be Prepared.

Gain familiarity in both ergonomics and accuracy with our Inert Training Units. Being prepared and confident in your abilities with a self defense product is a crucial part of allowing you to properly subdue your attacker.

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