FoxFire® Inferno Pepper Spray

 by Fox Labs

Fox Labs has been selling pepper spray to the law enforcement community for over 30 years.  However, some of the police style configurations are not convenient for a college student to carry on campus, or for a cyclist to carry on a bicycle.  

When friends and family would ask us what to carry, we steered them away from the products sold at most retail stores, as it is a cheap imitation of the full strength and force of Fox Labs pepper spray.  Some of the discount products on the market, especially products imported from China or Taiwan, are potentially dangerous in their weak performance.  A lot of other brands we have tested is nothing we would recommend to friends and family.

So we created our own, and we call it FoxFire®.  Foxfire Inferno is police strength pepper spray that doesn't compromise to be portable.  

Police Strength :  Foxfire Inferno is 1.4 Major Capsaicinoids (MC).  That's the measure of true heat.  If you want a comparison, the Fox Labs police carry formula ONE POINT FOUR is also 1.4 Major Capsaicinoids.  So, we've managed in this small size of FoxFire to put the same heat as what the police carry every day.

UV Marking Dye :  We've added an invisible Ultra Violet marking dye, which will put an invisible stain on a perpetrators skin which is detectable under police black light.  

Every Day Carry :  We designed the FoxFire as a small container so that it can be carried in an outside pocket of a backpack, in a purse or briefcase, or even hand carried on late night walks across campus.  It has a twist lock firing mechanism, and even a keyring case for making it an every day carry.  Pepper spray doesn't do you any good unless you carry it and have it easily available in the event of an emergency.

Stream Spray :  Don't let the small can fool you.  FoxFire Inferno is designed to perform at distances of up to 8 feet, with a steady tight stream.  You'll empty the whole can on your assailants face.  

Free Replacement :  If you use this in the event of an emergency, send us the police report that mentions FoxFire Inferno and we'll send you a complimentary replacement unit.  

We built FoxFire to have something to recommend to people who aren't going to carry a police sized canister of Fox Labs pepper spray.  Now it's easier than ever to give the gift of safety to your friends and loved ones.  Carry FoxFire and have an Inferno ready to protect you in any circumstance.  

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