White Lightning® Collection

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Our new WHITE LIGHTNING® product line contains the same famous water-based formula we use in our MEAN GREEN brand, but instead of adding a visible green dye, it contains ultra-violet dye, which is only visible under a black light, just like our famous FIVE POINT THREE. This resin is so purified it is virtually clear. In fact, it is the clearest resin used in any defense spray product worldwide. Not even FIVE POINT THREE® is as clear, although it remains the world’s nastiest formula This separates all of our formulas from other brands that contain higher percentages of less pure resins, which delays how fast their formulas can work, while maintaining the legendary stopping power that sets FOX LABS' sprays apart and above all others.

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A strike with no warning.

Containing the same iconic water-based formula we use in Mean Green®, White Lightning® exchanges visible green dye for a stealthy UV dye.

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