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Lamperd Interlocking Riot Shield

These Riot Shields are designed to augment unit strength and ability by means of their unique interlocking system. The shields are designed to offer maximum protection to officers from attack by blunt or sharp instruments, fire or thrown objects. The interlocking feature allows for multiple shields to be rapidly linked together “side by side” or “roof-on” to form an unbroken barrier line of defense between officers and potential threats.

The shields are made of strong, clear polycarbonate but are easy to carry as the total weight is only 7.5 kg (16.5 lbs). Dimensions are: 71 inches (1800 mm) x 25 inches (635 mm) x .12 inches(3mm).These Interlock Positive Lock System Riot Shields meet or exceed the Blade Cut Resistance Requirement stipulated under Clause 5.7 of BS 7971-3:2002. This shield will not crack, bend or break in typical riot and crowd control duties.

The handles are constructed of strong yet lightweight material with padded, non-slip grips and can allow the shield to be held with only one arm. The handle on the right is formed in a “D shape for comfortable and secure handling. Padding of .39 inch (10 mm) thickness x 15.7 inch(400 mm) length x 11.8 inch (300 mm) width is provided between the D handle and the elbowstrap .The design also offers a baton holder and optional gun port which can be placed at any location desired.

To prevent unnecessary injuries there are no projections for any attachments from the shield. All metallic components are made from rust-proof materials or treated with a rust-proof coating. The word “POLICE” can be inscribed in white print with a black background inside the shield (visible from the front) in a reflective material. On the 71 inch model only, a durable carrying bag is provided to protect the shield surface when in storage or transit to operations.

All manufacturing is done in Ontario, Canada.

Crowd Control Spray Tank Backpack System

Although there have been and are other “tank” systems in the market none have been as easy-to-use, while offering the incredible spraying time of the CCT Crowd Control Tank Backpack System.

CCT units can use Fox Labs two solvent-based formulas (DB and Trichloroethylene, dependent upon specific formula) as well as our clear or green water-based versions, including FIVE POINT THREE, FIVE POINT, THREE² and ONE POINT FOUR, which are all solvent-based formulas plus MEAN GREEN and WHITE LIGHTNING, our two water-based formulas.

The CCT utilizes two strong, but lightweight aluminum tanks that are carried in a rugged, padded backpack. This allows the officer free use of both hands and arms, and also serves as protection for the tanks and keeps them from access by an attacker. Additionally, instead of having to point a cumbersome tank in the direction one wants to fire, all the CCT requires is to point and fire the hand-held nozzle. This means an officer can fire in virtually any direction without having to turn and point the tank at the crowd.

The CCT is safe, allows more officer mobility and firing flexibility while covering the same distance as other units, but it can do so for an ASTOUNDING 90 SECONDS STRAIGHT – WITHOUT A REFILL.

You can spray for 90 seconds non-stop or you can fire up to 200 short bursts up to 40 feet.


    • • Holster system secures to the leg and to the belt for additional support and security.
      • Easy-to-read pressure gauge is mounted on the firing handle.
      • Chemical Resistant Non-Coiled Hose.
      • Easy fill funnel adapts to gauges and tanks.
      • Optional 6 3/4 stainless steel OC Spike can penetrate mattresses, hollow wood doors, aluminum storm doors and other similar types of material. Total weight of the entire system fully filled and charged is only 24 lbs. Padded backpack measures a compact 24″ high x 12″ wide x 7″ thick with adjustable back strap.

  • NOTE: The CCT Pepper Spray System is ideal for quick export as it requires no special permits since there are no explosive components. This can greatly expedite time of delivery when orders are placed.

    Capture Shield


    • • 72 inch Capture Shield designed to pin an unruly prisoner against a wall.
      • Total width is 21.25 inches. Angled side sections are 5 inches wide.
      • Depth of Capture Shield is 3.5 inches.
      • Large, padded handles with a grip area of 18 inches.
      • Total weight is only 13 lbs.

  • This Capture Shield version of the proven Extraction Shield in a large, 6 foot tall size (to our knowledge, the longest on the market). The Capture Shield allows correction officers to pin an unruly prisoner against a wall to safely regain control. Strong, clear Lexan material with a total shield weight of only 13 lbs for ease of handling and maneuverability. This Capture Shield is currently in use at prison facilities of Corrections Canada.

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