One Point Four® Pepper Spray - Our Hottest Featuring 1.4 Major Capsaicinoids and UV Marking Dye

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Our FAMOUS original formula, now with double the pepper content and MC percentage. The HOTTEST formula we have ever offered! One Point Four® from Fox Labs starts with the original legacy formula, and then doubles the pepper content.  The One Point Four® is named for it's independent lab tested 1.4 major capsaicinoids, the true measure of heat. 

We've then added invisible Ultra-Violet (UV) marking dye to the formula for easy suspect identification. 

 One Point Four® is among the strongest pepper sprays in the world.  

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Double the pepper.
Double the heat.

Utilizing the same original Five Point Three® formula, but with double the OC and MC percentages, One Point Four® is the hottest and fastest acting formula we have ever made.


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